A small selection of interviews I've given

The Box Set Pod Interview

Interview I did with the lovely chaps at The Box Set Pod. It was the first long form interview I’d ever done so I was VERY nervous.

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Eleven Point Collar Interview

This is the interview I did with J.D Hansel from Muppet Hub. I had a great time doing this one and I think we talked about some interesting stuff. It was also one of the hottest days of the year so I was dying in my office!

Check out The Muppet Hub here. You can find all kinds of Muppet related info as well as the podcast.

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BBC 6 Music with Furgus & Cookie Monster

An interview with Shaun Keaveny that went out on his morning show on BBC 6 Music. This was one of many appearances we did on the run up to the premiere of The Furchester Hotel on Cbeebies.

However, I remember this one particularly. It was the first one that I was involved in and the first time I had ever been on national radio. Nervous? I’d say so yes.