Interviews & Talks

The FSF Popcast

Great chat that I had with my new friends at the FSF Popcast!

Check them out here, or wherever you get your podcasts!

The Gerry Anderson Podcast Interview

A great chat that I had with Jamie Anderson for The Gerry Anderson Podcast. We talk about my career, early memories of Gerry Anderson shows, and my involvement with Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm! 


The Gerry Anderson Website

Firestorm HQ

The Gerry Anderson Twitter Feed

The Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm Twitter Feed

The Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm Instagram Feed


The Box Set Pod Interview

Interview I did with the lovely chaps at The Box Set Pod. It was the first long form interview I’d ever done so I was VERY nervous.

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Eleven Point Collar Interview

This is the interview I did with J.D Hansel from Muppet Hub. I had a great time doing this one and I think we talked about some interesting stuff. It was also one of the hottest days of the year so I was dying in my office!


Exit 6 Film Festival

A conversation with Director Geoff Harmer (Smile, Addict, Dead Air) about puppetry in tv and film. Recorded at the Exit 6 Film Festival in 2017

BBC 6 with Furgus & Cookie Monster

An interview with Shaun Keaveny that went out on his morning show on BBC 6 Music. This was one of many appearances we did on the run up to the premiere of The Furchester Hotel on Cbeebies.

However, I remember this one particularly. It was the first one that I was involved in and the first time I had ever been on national radio. Nervous? I’d say so yes.