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A treat tomorrow on The Furchester Hotel! Guests arrive to see a beautiful flower and the staff have to help it bloom.

This is the episode that I spoke about in a post over the weekend. The one where I had to dust off my vocal chords and see if those singing lessons I had 20 years ago have stayed with me.

Turns out that things went rather well!

Tune in to Cbeebies at 7:35am to here Furgus sing “It’s Time To Bloom.”



Cbeebies Website

Furchester Hotel Website

BBC iplayer (for the latest Furchester episodes)

US Furchester YouTube Page (only available in the USA)


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I was always nervous at the prospect of singing on The Furchester Hotel. I had singing classes when I was at drama school but was never hugely confident.

So when it came to the upcoming episode “The Blooming” I worked very hard with Andy Blythe and Marten Joustra (the super talented music types) to make this as good as possible.

I’m rather proud of the way it turned out!

No auto tune was employed in the making of this song.

Or so they tell me.



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