I had a fantastic time working on this audio drama for Games Workshop and the Black Library. A great script by Alec Worley, and a really fun cast to work with.

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Baggit is a fast-talking ratling sniper with a greedy eye and loose morals. Clodde is an ogryn, a brute with a core of decency and a desire for a better life. Two abhuman deserters turned thieves, at large in the monolithic city of Varangantua, where only the tough or the ruthless survive. Having landed in debt to a savage crime lord, Baggit and Clodde end up in the crosshairs of the meanest, most puritanical sanctioner in the city. Caught between two powerful enemies, and with innocent lives at stake, the unlikely companions must think fast and hustle hard before death points a las-pistol in their direction…


Written by Alec Worley.


Kelly Hotton

Emma Noakes

Paul Putner

Jon Rand

David Seddon

Andrew James Spooner

Directed by Tara Rawson

Production Company