Grombrindal: Chronicles of the Wanderer

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The duardin are a proud folk, renowned throughout the Mortal Realms for their peerless craftsmanship and their stubbornness in battle. They are also a divided people. But whether they dwell in the stone halls of their doomed ancestors, in the furnace heat of Fyreslayer lodges, or free from the anchor of their traditions in skyborne cities, they share a common legend – that of an aged traveller, a wanderer, whose timely arrival will avert calamity and right intractable wrongs. When the foes of the duardin are many, when the foul creatures of the realms bay at the doors, Grombrindal will return and take up his axe once more.


Written by David Guymer Read by Richard Reed, Andrew James Spooner, Emma Gregory, Jonathan Keeble, and Tom Alexander. Running time is 12 hours and 27 minutes (approximately).

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Grombrindal Chronicles Of The Wanderer