The Ghosts Of Barak-Minoz

Drekki Flynt is in trouble… again.


There is something in Evtorr’s ravings that piques Drekki’s interest and that he can’t let go – the Dead Air is the last known location of the famed Barak-Minoz. If they can just get there… Well, Drekki Flynt can smell aether-gold a realm off, and surely Barak-Minoz is dripping with riches just ripe for the taking.

But there are forces at work that would stop Drekki from finding out what happened to Barak-Minoz. To even locate it, he must do what no captain has ever done before – navigate the Eye of Testudinous, and live to tell the tale!


Written by Guy Haley. Narrated by Andrew James Spooner and Richard Reed. Running time is 10 hours and 40 minutes (approx.).



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The Ghosts Of Barak-Minoz