The Christmas Pig

It was a real honour to be invited to join the cast of the audiobook version of J.K Rowling’s The Christmas Pig. All under the watchful eye of director David Runacre-Beck.

Hear me as The Loser, Robot, Loss Adjustor, Scissors, Picked Zit and Beauty. 

Available now from Audible!


Narrated by Amaka Okafor, with Rocco Padden as Jack and Gerran Howell as The Christmas Pig

Rachel Atkins as Compass

Annette Badland as Memory

Karen Bartke as Ambition 

Nicholas Boulton as Power 

Saffron Coomber as Hope 

Clare Corbett as Mum 

Sandra Gayer as Poem

Gerard McDermott as Santa 

Yasmin Mwanza as Lunchbox 

Jemima Penny as Holly 

Summer Rose as the Little Girl  

Maya Saroya as Happiness 

Kerry Shale as Specs 

Andrew James Spooner as The Loser 

Dan Starkey as the Blue Bunny 

And Ben Whitehead as the Mayor

With an original score by Anne Dudley, performed by The Chamber Orchestra of London.

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The Christmas Pig