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A Day At BBC Broadcast Centre

I spent a great day at BBC Broadcast Centre in White City yesterday doing some VO work on upcoming promos for The Furchester.

New episodes will start in early January.

A bonus was doing some work on new trails for the BAFTA award winning Katie Morag.

Thanks to all at Red Bee for making it a relaxed and fun day’s work.


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It’s Almost Monster Monster Day!

This coming Friday afternoon on Cbeebies it’s The Furchester Christmas Special. Watch as the Furchester family prepare for Monster Monster Day!

Will Monster Monster visit the hotel this year?

Tune in to Cbeebies this Friday afternoon (19th Dec) and find out!



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Furchester Friday!

It’s Friday! That means new episodes of The Furchester Hotel on the Sesame Street youtube channel.

Head on over and check them out.

This is not available to those of us in the UK but episodes of The Furchester are available on the BBC iplayer.

Are we ready for a monster Furchester Christmas Special?

It’s coming soon!





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Young Performer Magazine Interview

A few weeks ago I did an interview for Young Performer Magazine. The magazine of the Stagecoach Theatre Schools.

They came round to my house and to my horror the first thing they did was set up a camera. “Oh, we video the interviews for our website” they informed me.

My heart sank.

The reason I love puppetry and voice work is that you don’t have to see ME! Plus on the day of the interview I was suffering from a horrendous virus passed on to me by my ever loving children.

Indeed, once it was all over I went to bed and didn’t get up for 2 days!

Anyway, here it is. It’s not very long as they only post short clips of the interview on the website. The full (print) article will be published in the January issue of Young Performer.

I haven’t watched it yet. Others have and they say it’s fine.

I bow to their wisdom.




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It’s Black Friday AND Furchester Friday!

It’s Friday folks! That means new episodes of The Furchester Hotel are available on the Sesame Street youtube channel. Head over there and check them out.

Unfortunately this is just for our American cousins (Happy Thanksgiving by the way!) So if you are in the UK you won’t be able to watch them. Booo to geo blocking I say.

However you can head over to the BBC iplayer where there are 16 episodes ready and waiting, plus a host of other goodies!


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It’s Furchester Friday!

It’s Furchester Friday! That means new episodes of The Furchester Hotel on the Sesame Street YouTube channel, right here: https://www.youtube.com/user/SesameStreet. Go check them out! This is not available to those of us in the UK, but all the episodes of The Furchester that have been broadcast on Cbeebies are still available on the BBC iplayer here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/cbeebies


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The Furchester Family Interview For BBC Media Centre

The Furchester family have a chat with the BBC Media Centre.


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Furchester Hotel- John Oliver has Bad News for Cookie Monster

John Oliver has bad news for Cookie Monster. It’s always great to see John Oliver. I remember him when he was just one of a legion of British stand-ups doing the rounds on UK TV.

All of a sudden he pops up on The Daily Show in the US and now he’s huge over there!

Good work sir.


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#1 Furchester!

I have just been told that The Furchester Hotel is the #1 show on Cbeebies!

This is amazing news. It was such a privilege to work on this project and be trusted with the character of Furgus Fuzz.

I had to pinch myself going into work every day. A fantastic show and a brilliant team.


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