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It’s a ballroom blitz at The Furchester Hotel today!

Will our gang manage to get the hotel ready in time?

Tune in at 5pm on Cbeebies to find out!

Previous episodes are still available on the BBC iplayer.



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The Furchester Hotel: Mr Huggles Hibernates!

The Furchester family have a problem! How do you get a sleeping bear to his room?

Will Mr Huggles make it to his room to hibernate?

Tune in to Cbeebies at 5pm today and find out!


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Super Rock visits The Furchester Hotel At 5pm Tomorrow!

Join the Furchester family at 5pm tomorrow when they are visited by the one, the only, SUPER ROCK!

How will Elmo and the gang help when Super Rock has a crisis of confidence?

Tune in tomorrow at 5pm on Cbeebies!


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This picture has pride of place in my daughters bedroom. It plays an important part in today’s new episode of The Furchester Hotel.

Peckity Woodpecker airs at 5pm on Cbeebies.

Past episodes are still available on the BBC iplayer in the UK.

For those of you in the USA episodes are now available on the Sesame Street YouTube channel.


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Peckity Woodpecker.

Morning all.

Here’s a preview of the upcoming episode of The Furchester Hotel.

Tune in at 5pm on Saturday to see how the Furchester family solve the problem of a woodpecker that won’t stop pecking!

And don’t forget to visit The Furchester Hotel on the cbeebies website!


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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year one and all!

I wish you all the best for 2015!

May you all be happy and prosperous.



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The Furchester Hotel: New Episodes!

Welcome back!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and Santa brought you loads of goodies!

Before we dive headlong into new year celebrations here is a quick reminder that The Furchester Hotel returns to cbeebies with NEW EPISODES this Saturday, January 3rd at 5pm.

Don’t forget to tune in. Previous episodes are still available on the BBC iplayer.

See you all in 2015!



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The Furchester Monster Monster Day Song!

Happy Monster Monster Day from The Furchester Hotel!

As a special Monster Monster Day treat here is the Monster Monster song in full.




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It’s Monster Monster Day!

It’s Monster Monster Day at The Furchester Hotel!

Tune in today and see the Furchester family get ready for their favourite holiday!

It’s on at 5:45pm on cbeebies!


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A Day At BBC Broadcast Centre

I spent a great day at BBC Broadcast Centre in White City yesterday doing some VO work on upcoming promos for The Furchester.

New episodes will start in early January.

A bonus was doing some work on new trails for the BAFTA award winning Katie Morag.

Thanks to all at Red Bee for making it a relaxed and fun day’s work.


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