Hello all!

The site has been a little quiet over the last few weeks as I’ve been concentrating on my Twitter account. 920 followers and rising! If you’re one of them thank you so much for your support.

I’ve not been ignoring the website though. If you take a close look at the tabs along the top you will see things have changed slightly. My CV is now a sub section under the “about” banner, which, in my head at least, makes more sense. In it’s place on the main page is a new tab entitled “interviews”.

Over the last year I have been asked to do a number of interviews due to the launch and success of The Furchester Hotel. I decided that these should be placed in a section of their own, rather than being buried in another. At the moment there are 2 interviews available but I will gradually add more over time.

The first is a chat I had with the guys at The Box Set Pod. This was the first long form interview I had ever done, I was EXTREMELY nervous. Luckily the guys were great and made me feel very relaxed. Also my love of TV and geek culture helped me along nicely. I even managed to talk about my love of John Carpenter movies, especially “Big Trouble In Little China.” Not many interviews let you do that!

The second is a great chat that I had with J.D. Hansel of the Muppet Hub website for his podcast “Eleven Point Collar.” I really enjoyed this one as I was a little more relaxed. There’s a little bit of crossover with The Box Set Pod at the start, but then we branch out into more specific chats about The Furchester, Muppet Treasure Island, Muppets Most Wanted, Newzoids and much more.

So here they are! I hope you find them entertaining and informative.

You can follow The Box Set Pod and J.D. Hansel on Twitter at @theboxsetpod and @jd11pc

Both The Box Set Pod and Eleven Point Collar are available on iTunes.

Go on!




(UPDATE) Oops! I forgot something. On the right hand side of the screen you will see 4 little widgets. They are direct links to my Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo and SoundCloud pages.


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