The Fall Of Altdorf

I always have a fantastic time narrating for The Black Library & Games Workshop. The Fall Of Altdorf was particular fun though as it’s chocked full of fantastic characters and epic battles.


The End Times are coming. With the hordes of Chaos marshalling in the north, Emperor Karl Franz leads his armies in defence of his realm. But when the worst happens and the Emperor is lost, it falls to Reiksmarshal Kurt Helborg to return to Altdorf, capital of the Empire, and prepare to meet the forces of the Ruinous Powers in a final battle for that ancient city. As plague spreads and the defences weaken, all seems lost, until help arrives from a most unexpected source… if Helborg can bring himself to accept it.

Written by Chris Wraight. Narrated by Andrew James Spooner. Running time 13 hours 18 mins

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The Fall Of Altdorf