The Rise Of The Horned Rat

The End Times are coming. In the warrens of Skavenblight, a new power is rising. The verminlords walk the earth and they plan to lead the skaven to their destiny as rulers of the world. But for Queek Headtaker, the only destiny that matters is his own, as he plans his final assault on Karak Eight Peaks. In the depths of that ancient city, two rival kings – the goblin Skarsnik and the dwarf Belegar – prepare to meet the onslaught. And in Karaz-a-Karak, High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer presides over what he knows, in his heart, is the end of the dwarf empire. The Horned Rat rises and nothing will ever be the sameā€¦


Written by Guy Haley. Read by Andrew James Spooner. Running time 12 hours and 56 minutes (approx).

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The Rise Of The Horned Rat